Ben's Website

Hello, I'm Ben, and welcome to my website where you can take a look into some slices of my life, interests, and activities. I decided to put this out here as part of the classic web renaissance. Having a home base on the Internet to showcase my projects and write about my interests is helping me engage more with the activities I enjoy.

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In our world today, I believe many of us share the sentiment that there are too many "easy" distractions on the Internet, wishing the content we viewed was more authentic and our consumption of it more intentional. The idea of the classic web renaissance is to revive the early Internet days of creating and browsing basic HTML and CSS websites, which are more personal and thoughtful by nature. So I'm building this site all by myself and as a more genuine and hopeful way of putting myself out there than on social media. I hope it inspires you too!

That being said, go to the posts page to browse what I've written. Since I just started this website, I don't have that many yet, so here they are: